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Where would we be without technology? That's actually a really easy question.
Without technology, you'd be sitting in a cave, naked, gnawing on an uncooked squirrel.
That sounds awesome. Not!
Seriously, though; almost everything you have in your life is technology:
your house, your car, your Xbox, your dad's toupee, a box of Kleenex, a waffle iron.
Waffle Iron!

Starts with an idea
Making new stuff
Improving our lives
Marching forward
When most people think about technology, they think about "cutting edge" technology.
That's all the great, current stuff that's happening:
the iPhones, the tablet computers, using your small phone to have a video chat with your mom, having a robot vacuum your living room.
It's already starting to be like we're living in a Star Trek episode!
Once upon a time, the hot item was the wheel, and mastery of fire,
and then the printing press, the light bulb, the telephone, the internet.
With great technology comes great responsibility. That's practically a quote from
"Spider-Man," but that doesn't make it any less apt.
Unfortunately, technology is not all lollipops and party horns.
Nuclear weapons are a technology I sure could do without.
As we grow more advanced, the dangers of technology will only increase,
so we have to forever be diligent.
Right now, we're already seeing the beginnings of terminator robots.
You just know that that's not gonna end well.
Another big question mark going forward is artificial intelligence.
Eventually, an A.I. will far surpass the intelligence of all humanity combined,
but what if it decides it doesn't like us?
Can you imagine, though, if we don't destroy ourselves, how amazing the future's gonna be?
It's gonna be crazy! We're gonna have furniture that floats! Maybe landspeeders!
And almost certainly a holodeck. Three more words: robot dance parties!


from Planets and Dinosaurs and Science, Oh, My!, released February 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Bemular Los Angeles, California

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