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The Apple Seed

The apple seed becomes an apple tree. The apple tree grows apples.

Apples are cool. I mean, nobody ever says, “hey, wow, apples are cool,” because we all take them for granted. They’re so delicious, and we just never think about how great they are. We can have one any time. And they’re so cheap. You can even have a tree in your yard if you want. Do you have any idea what would happen if you took an apple seed an buried it in your front yard? Huh?

Most people don’t have any apple trees in their yard, but I have 387. I eat apples all the time. Apple sauce, apple juice, apple fritters, apple cobbler, apple cider, apple pie…I could go on and on! When I walk around, everybody says, “hey, Mr. Bemular apple tree guy! Do you have any apples today?” And I always say, “Sure, here’s an apple. You can have it. Cuz I have like 3000 more at home, rotting in my yard.

If you’re serious about growing an apple tree, try this: take a seed and let it dry out. And then cover it with a moist paper towel and put it in the refrigerator until it sprouts. And then transplant it into a pot and water it daily. Once it’s about three inches tall, you can transplant it outside in a nice sunny spot with a lot of space, because an apple tree can grow to be over twenty feet tall.


from Planets and Dinosaurs and Science, Oh, My!, released February 23, 2015



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